Colonie NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with a speeding ticket in New York or some other traffic violation in the town of Colonie, you can call our office or submit an online inquiry here on the website regarding your case. We will contact you immediately and put you on the phone with attorney Randall Kehoe or a member of our staff. Consultations are free of charge and there is no pressure to hire our office. Mr. Kehoe is an experienced traffic lawyer, with office in downtown Albany, New York since 1990. He handles lots and lots of traffic tickets each month and is familiar with the judges, prosecutors, and procedures of the local courts in the Capital Area, especially Colonie Town Court. Not only is he experienced, but Mr. Kehoe offers some of the most affordable traffic ticket defense fees in the state, charging $195 for most traffic matters. To discuss the details of your case please contact us. Our office is open during the week and most Saturday mornings and we constantly monitor email inquiries and phone calls. If you are worried about your insurance rates increasing, points on your license, heavy fines, or losing your driving privileges because of a traffic ticket in Colonie, contact our office to speak with a Colonie Traffic lawyer or someone from our office.

The town of Colonie is infamous for the amount of traffic tickets it gives out each year. In fact, I remember reading (but can't find the source now) that Colonie was one of the top 4 revenue producers from traffic tickets in all of New York state. That's pretty incredible considering its size - although, the article may have been saying that as a percentage of its total revenue, Colonie produced among the top 4. Either way, watch out while you drive in Colonie. The town of Colonie is home to Colonie Center - a beautiful mall that seems busy every day of the year. The mall is on the corner of Wolf Road and Central Avenue, two of the busiest streets in the area with places to eat and shop everywhere. There's even an awkward off-ramp from I-87 onto Central/Wolf which adds to the congestion. Just off these busy areas are very small and quiet residential areas with very low speed limits, and everywhere you go, the Colonie Police are there. So be careful how you drive or you may end up searching for a Colonie Traffic Lawyer - which you might have done and found our website.

What Kinds of Fines & Fees Should I Expect?

Our attorney fees are flat and quoted to you up front before we take your case. We accept payments by credit/debit card over the phone and online via Paypal as well as cash, check, or money order at our office in Albany. You are responsible for any fines, fees, or surcharges the court issues at the end of your case. We know you are concerned about how much a seemingly small matter can cost and we do our best to minimize the price you will pay. If you would like to see some of the traffic ticket cases we have handled in the past in the town of Colonie and other courts around New York state, please visit our website where we have posted details from real cases, including the total fine, fees, and surcharges, our clients ended up paying to the court.

DWI & Other Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with DWI, DWAI, or any other misdemeanor or felony crime, we can help. For more information on DWI defense in Colonie, please see For other criminal matters in the town of Colonie or surrounding area, please see

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